These are my opinions only. Below are people that I think are grossly underrated in their field.

Side Note: How do you represent underrated in an image? I struggled so now we have this random image.

Blu – Hip Hop Artist

2007’s ‘Below the Heavens’ was the closest thing to a perfect album. Exile’s production was on point and Blu weaved through the sounds with some of the best storytelling that I have ever heard. The project reflected his struggles working whilst chasing his musical ambitions. Since then he’s released a slew of other projects but none quite up to his debut’s standard. Recently, the Nottz-helmed ‘Titans in the Flesh’ EP surfaced and showed Blu to be back at his lyrical apex. Despite some misses and some issues throughout his career he has to be one of the most incredibly underrated artists I have heard. This is just my take on things but ‘Below the Heavens’ is easily in my top 20 favourite albums of all time if not top 10.

Nate Robinson – Professional Basketball Player

I wish I could say NBA player in the heading above but the truth is he just finished playing a season in Israel and wants to play in the NFL. This guy can score. He dropped 46 points in a playoff game for Hapoel Tel Aviv this year and has a career high of 45 points in an NBA game. Admittedly he has weaknesses in his game but his athleticism is insane. I just wish an NBA team would take him on for this year so he can fill the kind of role he did for Chicago a few years back (the Lakers would be my obvious choice).

John Mulaney – Comedian

By far one of the funniest comedians I’ve seen in recent years. His special, ‘New In Town’, was just so good. I feel like no one knows who he is though.

Chelsea Peretti – Comedian

She has the best character on Brooklyn 99 and totally owns the show despite performing alongside Andy Samberg and Terry Crews. Her standup is hilarious and she doesn’t get nearly enough recognition.

Woody Harrelson – Actor

He is great in everything he is in. The best performer in ‘The Hunger Games’ was hilarious in rom-com ‘Friends With Benefits’ and along with Matthew McConaughey he nailed ‘True Detective’. Whether it’s drama or comedy Woody Harrelson is the man. He is also one of the most entertaining interviewees to watch. He needs more starring roles, ‘Now You See Me’ just isn’t enough.