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Making a commitment to yourself and really keeping your promise can be difficult but it can truly be worthwhile too. At this point in time, I have read for 90 consecutive days (I have yet to read today, but I will) and now it is no longer a question of if I will read, the question is more like how much or what will I…

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Today is World Book Day so it’s fitting that I share what I read throughout the month of February. Admittedly I had no clue what day today was until I went online to write this. ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ — Tony Robbins The genre of self-help gets its fair share of flack and a lot of the time I can understand why. What set Tony…

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Posted by October 3, 2016

A new fashion brand launches. A band or a solo artist release a new album or single. An artist reveals their latest works. These things happen many times over, every single day, all over the world. How much of the output will be original? Nothing is truly original. Everyone has their influences whether they admit it or not. The sheer number of people creating something new at…

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On Greatness

Posted by September 11, 2016

Having watched this year’s Basketball Hall of Fame induction speeches I can’t help but think about what it means to be great. With the induction of Shaquille O’Neal, Allen Iverson and Yao Ming, I can say that these are players I actually watched while their careers took place. For all the highlights of Magic, Kareem and Jordan I’ve seen, I was never experiencing their peak…

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If you own, say, a bar you are not only competing against other bars but pretty much everybody. Let me explain. Two of the main reasons people go to bars is to spend time with people and have fun. Yes, there’s booze and other factors but those are going to be our focus for the purposes of this post. Where else can somebody go to…

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Being Prolific

Posted by August 21, 2016

prolific (adj) (Of an artist, author, or composer) producing many works   Pablo Picasso is listed in the Guinness World Records as the most prolific painter. It is estimated he created 13,500 paintings, not to mention thousands of prints and book illustrations in his 75-year career. That is prolific (Side note: his full name is impressive). Frank Zappa is said to have released 96 albums….

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Shaping Your Life

Posted by August 19, 2016

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the idea of legacy. It seems like such a lofty and nebulous term but it is something I am very interested in. I’ve always been very eager to do something big, something I could be remembered for in a good way. For a lot of my adult life I thought that music would be the thing that…

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Fitting In

Posted by August 17, 2016

I’m going to take some cues from writers such as Chris Guillebeau and Seth Godin here. Fitting in is massively overrated. Instinctively people try to fit in, especially growing up. In the world of business, the arts or fashion however, fitting in is setting you up for failure. Making something great is half the battle; making something great and standing out, that’s where the fun…

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It’s Not All Fun and Games

Posted by August 14, 2016

Whatever your hustle, understand that it won’t always be fun. Everyone has off days and sometimes there is shit that just needs to be done. Even a daily habit like writing can be less than fun when you are really struggling to find the energy or an idea. We’ve all heard the saying “if it were easy, everyone would do it”. It’s pretty accurate. If…

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The Basics

Posted by August 12, 2016

I’m just finishing up Joe Calloway’s Becoming A Category Of One, a book about standing out from the competition in the world of business. His argument is, to even be considered a competitor, you have to get the basics right. A good product and good service at a good price. At that point, you become a commodity. It’s what you do next that makes you stand out….

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