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A Million and One Ideas

Posted by August 7, 2016

James Altucher talks about coming up with 10 ideas a day. He writes these in a waiter pad that he carries around. I found this a good habit to try and repeat. A goal of 10 ideas each day. The majority are really bad. Some are workable or help generate other ideas. Then every so often there are really good ones. Of the really good ones,…

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Live in the Flesh

Posted by August 5, 2016

People value experiences over things so it is no wonder live is almost always better. It’s something I have noticed with countless gigs. There might be an artist I’m only marginally interested in but after experiencing a live show, I’m all in. Or hearing a song in a different environment and ‘getting it’. The latter happened to me when seeing Kendrick Lamar perform a few years…

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Hype vs Substance

Posted by August 1, 2016

Hype vs Substance Sizzle vs Steak Hype is great when you can back it up. Lebron James deserves the hype as the best player in the NBA today. He has proven time and again that he is the best on the court at any given moment. Hype is often necessary. Great products deserve to be discovered by a larger audience. Apple had the hype machine…

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If you have a single focus, the one project or goal you are working on then I am a little envious. For some, one creative project isn’t enough. Some people operate a lot more effectively when working on a few projects at once and attempting to balance them as they go. This has always been the case for me. Whilst working a day job, I…

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Something for Everyone

Posted by July 28, 2016

Before anything else let’s just take a second to appreciate how awesome lego is.   Today’s post is primarily inspired by Seth Godin’s book Tribes. The idea is simple. Making something for everyone is impossible. Instead it’s best to make things for some people. I, like most people, find Insane Clown Posse to be very weird and not enjoyable to listen to at all. But…

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Things That Aren’t Real

Posted by July 27, 2016

In an effort to change things up I thought I might write a list of things that aren’t real (at least in my opinion). 1. Writer’s Block Whether it’s fear, lack of research, lack of sleep, there is something stopping you from writing. Figure out what it is, take corrective action and don’t give it a catch-all name. This post was inspired by an inability to…

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If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything. I’m positive that a doer makes mistakes. John Wooden Okay so today I sit down to write and I really, really don’t feel like it. But a promise is a promise. I had no ideas. No motivation. No clue where to start. Mark Twain is quoted as saying “write what you know” and today I…

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7 Dream Interview Guests

Posted by July 23, 2016

As part of my commitment to create daily, I have been working on a new project that will get underway very soon. All of the details aren’t finalised yet but I will be interviewing people who I find inspiring in the form of a podcast. I feel like it was only a matter of time given my addiction to The Tim Ferriss Show, Freakonomics Radio and The James…

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5 Things I Read vol.1

Posted by June 28, 2016

Today marks the official launch of and I have to admit I am excited and also a little nervous as to how this will all go. I am committed to putting out content regularly in one place covering a range of topics and interests. Let me kick things off with a post about some interesting things I read last week in the worlds of…

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