Today I turn 26 and thought what better way to celebrate than start a new daily habit?

Casey Nesitat started a daily vlog on his 34th birthday despite having a three month old and a new business to think about. In comparison, I have it easy.

Seth Godin writes on his blog every single day and has done so for years. He shares new ideas with a huge audience that wait for his latest insights and observations.

Let’s first get one thing out of the way. I am not a writer. I write a lot of notes but rarely sit down and really write something coherent. I am not an expert at anything and can comfortably say that I don’t plan to be. Proficiency and weaving connections between different skills and fields is where the fun lies for me.

I love making music, I love designing things, I love generating new ideas. It isn’t so much the artform or the industry but more the process of creating something from nothing. Like everyone else I have a wide variety of interests and I’m influenced by people who excel in those fields. I enjoy reading Malcolm Gladwell, hearing Tim Ferriss’ podcast, watching Russell Westbrook highlights, listening to Nas and learning something from all of them. So my idea is to commit to creating something every single day and not only that but sharing it on this platform and others. Some days I will share a piece I wrote, some days it will be music created, others it might be a new venture that I’m involved in but it will be something. By habit, I create things but rarely do they get shared. The real commitment here is putting something out there, getting real feedback and doing it all over again the next day. Seth Godin would call this shipping and it really isn’t a new idea but it’s something I need to get into the habit of doing.

Over time my hope is that this process will connect me with others around the world who are committed to being an artist in their industry. I want to know their stories and learn from them as I go. My goal is to create, share and ultimately, enjoy it.