The very best see every day as a new challenge.

An opportunity to grow, to get better. To make even the slightest improvement on yesterday.

Olympic athletes have been preparing for the last four years for a chance at glory this summer. Running just a little faster, jumping just a little higher, lifting just a little heavier.

For the majority of us there is no Olympics, no specific event or moment to train for but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prepare in the same manner.

Each day is a chance to improve just a little bit more. Create something just a little bit better. Work just that little bit harder.

Some days will suck and it will feel like you’ve taken a step back. Every day won’t feel like a win. But that’s okay. It’s a process.

Sometimes a new challenge means a complete change to what we have done previously . A new job, a new city a new goal . All can be viewed as a new opportunity. An opportunity to grow, to get better . Even if there is no significant change, treat today as a new challenge.