Let’s just get this out of the way, broken promises suck.

When someone breaks a promise they made to us we can’t help but feel something. The relationship is affected by it.

Everyone has done it and we always have our reasons. We are pretty good at persuading ourselves that our rationale for doing something is sound and that we are okay with it. Maybe our current circumstances are to blame.

However, sometimes breaking a promise to others can have a really negative effect on us. A niggling feeling that just doesn’t sit right. It can be a feeling that is hard to shake and usually takes time to go.

Businesses break promises too. When a product isn’t up to scratch or they can’t deliver what they said they could. Customers lose faith, businesses suffer. The relationship is affected by it.

The way to overcome the divide is by building up trust again. In business and in life.

Start small and keep working at it. Gain a little bit back day-by-day.

Live by the business maxim ‘under promise and over deliver’. Aim to not only meet expectations¬†but to exceed them.

One day the trust may be back at the level it was before but all it takes is one slip for it to disappear again. We need to be aware of this and be strict when making promises to others.

The most important promises however, are the ones we make ourselves.

These should always be kept.

My most recent promise to myself is to create something from scratch each day.

So far so good.