In an effort to change things up I thought I might write a list of things that aren’t real (at least in my opinion).

1. Writer’s Block

Whether it’s fear, lack of research, lack of sleep, there is something stopping you from writing. Figure out what it is, take corrective action and don’t give it a catch-all name. This post was inspired by an inability to write something for 2 hours, the fix? Some reading, some water and a couple of Youtube videos.

2. Balance

I don’t mean balance in the literal sense but more in the work-life sense. Whether it is work, spending time with family or friends, resting, getting the right amount of exercise there will always be one that suffers in comparison to the others, if only a little. Aiming for balance is the way to go but realising it isn’t possible will make life a lot more enjoyable.

3. Perfection

Speaking of aiming for something that isn’t possible; perfection isn’t real. Everything can be improved.

4. A Greatest Anything of All Time

Everyone has their own favourite album or film of all time. Different tastes are important. Magazines, Youtube Channels and websites need to stop creating ‘greatest of…” lists.

5. ‘Get fit/rich/confident etc. Quick’ Plans

This one is a little obvious but it has to be included. The old saying of “nothing worth having comes easy” is exactly right. The work has to be done.


Apparently, a lack of sleep makes me pretty cynical. Hopefully tomorrow’s post is a little less negative.