Before anything else let’s just take a second to appreciate how awesome lego is.


Today’s post is primarily inspired by Seth Godin’s book Tribes. The idea is simple.

Making something for everyone is impossible. Instead it’s best to make things for some people.

I, like most people, find Insane Clown Posse to be very weird and not enjoyable to listen to at all. But they have fans who call themselves ‘Juggalos’ and are super into their music, their look and everything they are about. They definitely didn’t make something for everyone.

J Dilla produced hundreds of beats in his lifetime. Many will name him as their favourite producer of all time. Most people will listen to an instrumental of his and just won’t ‘get’ it. He didn’t make something for everyone.

Wu-Tang Clan. Their true fans are borderline insane, casual fans like myself enjoy their music, everyone else has maybe heard Gravel Pit and remembers the chorus or couldn’t care less about them. They didn’t make something for everyone.

This post is another example. The three references above will have no meaning to some people,¬†others will understand it and some might hate it. The point is that making something for everyone is impossible and pointless. Call it ‘niching down’, ‘finding a market’, ‘1000 true fans’ or whatever you like but the idea is the same. Find a few people, make something for them and make it amazing. Keep working to make it better and people like your first few customers/listeners/fans will find you. That is the premise of ‘Tribes’ and something every creator should live by.