When you work a day job that isn’t your career Monday comes around far too quickly.

The week drags on and the weekend is over in a flash.

Friday nights you are exhausted after a long week. You might do something though.

Saturday you go out, spend time with friends, family. Maybe you work on your current project or just stay in and enjoy a quiet weekend.

Sunday comes.

The morning is relaxed, maybe you have plans in the afternoon. Then it is evening and the dread starts to set in. What did I do all weekend? I can’t believe it is Monday already! I’m still tired, still haven’t done this, I wanted to do that. We’ve all been there.

The Sunday Blues are a real thing.

It’s worth keeping in mind what you are working towards. Maybe this job is a stepping stone to something bigger, maybe you are learning about an industry you want to start your own business in, maybe you are just trying to save some money before you take off on your travels around the world. Whatever the case may be, the best way to combat the Sunday Blues is to remember your reason for choosing to go to work on Monday morning, after all, it is your choice. My reasons are to pay my bills, put money away for a project I’m working on and also to learn more from a successful business. I don’t particularly love what I do day in, day out but I keep in mind my goals and try to use it as an opportunity to learn.

Learning on a job is one of the best ways to gain experience, learn skills and figure out an industry. Worst-case scenario you figure out you hate that line of work and decide never to start a career or business in it. Best case scenario,  who knows?

If you’re prone to the Sunday Blues I feel for you. You aren’t the only one.