James Altucher talks about coming up with 10 ideas a day. He writes these in a waiter pad that he carries around. I found this a good habit to try and repeat. A goal of 10 ideas each day.

The majority are really bad. Some are workable or help generate other ideas. Then every so often there are really good ones. Of the really good ones, some are not good for right now. Some you will never pursue, due to time mostly. Then there are the ones that get you really excited. Excited about the possibilities and the opportunities ahead.

Ideas are great but of course require action. The best action for most ideas is to record them and not pursue them. Keeping notes either on paper or digitally so that you can go back to them is a good habit to get into. The second part of this habit is going back and reviewing the ideas regularly.

Experience + Ideas = Better Ideas

The experiences you have will help shape and mold ideas and open you up to new opportunities you were not previously aware of. Things you read, hear, observe and try can all be useful in developing initial ideas further. Some great successes just take time and a lot of experience to really pull everything together. Ideas need work to really reach their potential. Ideas take time. There are a couple of anecdotes circulating about Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and the on and off writing process of some of their huge films (Superbad and Sausage Party). Similarly, Avatar took James Cameron 15 years to complete and Amazon took 9 years to actually turn a profit. Great ideas can take a massive amount of time to succeed but they all start with the initial idea and the experiences gained.


My goal is to habitually come up with new ideas. I keep notes on a Google Docs file, sometimes in Evernote and also like to sketch things down in notepads. I read constantly (the aim is 50 books per year at the moment). I try to find out about new things all the time (Stumbleupon and Youtube are great places to find new things). I review ideas once a week on average and some of them I take forward and put into action. Only time will tell how successful they will be.