I’m just finishing up Joe Calloway’s Becoming A Category Of One, a book about standing out from the competition in the world of business. His argument is, to even be considered a competitor, you have to get the basics right. A good product and good service at a good price. At that point, you become a commodity. It’s what you do next that makes you stand out.

John Wooden wrote about what he taught and learned while coaching the UCLA Mens Basketball Team (a team that won 10 titles in 12 years). His basis for coaching a winning team was willing them to commit to the basics. He worked with some of the greatest basketball talents but first they had to get the fundamentals right. Wooden coached his players on values and work ethic. One of his former mentees is the highest scoring player in NBA history.

The basics are often overlooked for something more flashy or fun.

Do the basics better than anyone else and you can win.