Whatever your hustle, understand that it won’t always be fun. Everyone has off days and sometimes there is shit that just needs to be done. Even a daily habit like writing can be less than fun when you are really struggling to find the energy or an idea.

We’ve all heard the saying “if it were easy, everyone would do it”. It’s pretty accurate.

If exercising every day was easy, everyone would do it. We all know that we should, but knowing something and actually doing it are miles apart.

Again, whatever your hustle is it won’t always be fun but the reward you get from it should be worth it. Staying an extra hour in the gym to perfect your free-throws, taking an extra class to pass an exam, sitting and working on your idea and staring at a blank page for a day just so you can improve your craft. The reward has to mean more to you than the pain of the initial work.

The reward doesn’t have to be tangible, the reward can be the process itself. Getting better even marginally after every effort you put in. The process itself isn’t always enjoyable in the moment, but for those fleeting moments of ‘flow’ that you produce you need to be all in.

It isn’t all fun and games so make sure you are working on something that you are ‘all in’ on.