A topic that I am pretty much split on. For all the good that globalisation creates there are a handful of things I don’t like about it.

I Love

  • That we can find out about and learn about life in pretty much any part of the world (this should lead to a better understanding of each other, less xenophobia and generally a better world to live in)
  • That we are so connected that I can send to and receive stuff from the whole world (in terms of working on projects I have been able to connect with people in the US, Germany and Egypt as a result).
  • That travel is so accessible in comparison to how it was even a couple of generations ago.
  • That produce becomes cheaper and more accessible¬†thanks to trade (this isn’t all upside as you’ll see)

I Don’t Love

  • Cultural homogenisation or Westernisation etc. (everywhere blends together so much that countries and cities become so similar that there are no noticeable differences, where is the fun in everything being the same?)
  • Exploitation of poorer countries and workforces (produce becoming cheaper¬†isn’t all good, a lot of companies use a global market to increase domestic profits)

Those are just my thoughts on the subject and it would appear that I feel there are more pros than cons but the two cons are huge. Cultural homogenization and exploitation are massive downsides to globalisation that we need to be very aware of and work towards limiting.