Following on from my post about 5 Grossly Underrated Pros, here are some ‘lifehacks’ that don’t get the shine they deserve.

1) Power Naps

20 minute power naps are a lifesaver. If you are juggling a full-time job and a side hustle they are the difference maker. Nasa even did a study on the optimum length of naps. Listen, if naps are good enough for space travel they are good enough for helping me boost my energy to finish my work for the day. If I ever run for a seat in parliament, mandatory paid nap breaks will be on the agenda.

2) Eating Pizza (or whatever your favourite food is)

I’m all for trying to live a healthy lifestyle, a good diet and exercise but pizza is just too good. If your favourite food happens to be a carb and fat loaded monstrosity┬áthen, by all means, don’t eat it every day. People were getting E-Coli from store bought salads, I’ll take my chances on the odd pizza here and there thanks.

3) Getting on With it

Sometimes the work just has to be done. It might not be fun but that doesn’t mean bringing everyone else around you down is the solution. The best remedy for shitty tasks is getting on with it without complaining. Other people will respect you more for considering their wellbeing and you also build up inner resolve which will aid you in doing the really difficult tasks.

4) Being a Nice Person

This doesn’t need any explanation. Why be any other way? We are all just trying to enjoy our days and if we can help each other by not being a dick, excellent.


It has now been a month since I committed to putting something out into the world every single day. The plan was never for each day to be a random blog post but I am happy to have kept things going. Now that I am in the routine of writing daily, my plan is to expand the scope of this site and reach out to other people doing cool and incredible things.