The idea of living on a tropical beach somewhere with no need to do anything sounds appealing in theory.

I’d give it two weeks and I would be driving myself crazy.

With nothing to strive for, nothing to create and no purpose humans don’t do well.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs explains why:



Let’s assume you’re not alone, you have a partner and friends near to you. Physiologically and safety wise you are all good. Love/belonging ┬áis covered too but esteem is where the issue arises. Without achievement of any kind, we hit a brick wall. Going one step further, we have no creativity, spontaneity or problem solving whatsoever. Eventually the thoughts of “is this all there is to life” would set in. For me, I’d give it 2 weeks maximum, someone else might laze in the sun for 6 months before it hit them.

We enjoy having something to work towards. If you create, if you are in business or you play sports even as a hobby, you enjoy achievement in some form or other.

As I said, living in paradise sounds great, in theory.