You can be fast, but there is always going to be someone faster than you.

You can be smart, but there is always going to be someone smarter than you.

You can be funny, but there is always going to be someone funnier than you.


Keeping this in mind is the surest way to stay on track when learning and improving.

Right now on Medium there are hundreds of people who can write better than me (more likely thousands). Keeping this in mind helps me to improve, be willing to learn, get feedback and grow (I still maintain that I am not a writer).

We are not necessarily competing with the person who is better than us, they are showing us what is possible.

Malcolm Gladwell and Steven Pressfield show me what is possible with the written word.

Olympic athletes show us what is possible when the human body is pushed to its limits.


I never thought I would be paraphrasing Homer Simpson.

Knowing that there is always someone better is comforting. Once you are the very best, there is no obvious target for you to shoot for. You don’t have that feeling of ‘what now?’ as the underdog. You know where you are headed, the path is much clearer.

Being humble enough to realise that you are not the best give you licence to experiment, to take a chance and try something new. This is the position where all the excitement is.

I am happy there are millions of people that are better than me at millions of things. That means there are millions of people I can learn from.

Someone is always better.