If you own, say, a bar you are not only competing against other bars but pretty much everybody. Let me explain.

Two of the main reasons people go to bars is to spend time with people and have fun. Yes, there’s booze and other factors but those are going to be our focus for the purposes of this post.

Where else can somebody go to spend time with people and have fun? Cinemas, restaurants, live venues, nightclubs, coffee shops, even home. So why would they go to a bar when there are these other options? If they did go to a bar, why would it be yours?

Regardless of what you do, you are asking people to spend their time and money on you, on your offering.

It doesn’t just have to be a great option when compared to direct competitors, but a great option compared to everything.

People only have so much time and money. You need to give them a reason to spend both on you.