Casey Neistat said the following in his Vlog episode ‘What’s The Secret’:

“What do I have to show for today? Without my Vlog the answer is nothing.”

He recently took a week long break to enjoy a holiday with his wife. He said he struggled with doing nothing and questioned himself constantly. He went on to say that putting a video out every day is his purpose and it has come to define him.

But back to the question.

What do I have to show for today?

It’s something I used to circle back to regularly. Some days would pass by without very much being achieved and really nothing tangible to show for it. Whether it was working at a job, or working on a business. It’s part of the reason I loved making music regularly, there was always something tangible at the end of it all (even if it was trash). The main thing was that there was something to show for the time that had passed.

I think it ties back to the idea of ‘memento mori’ or remembering that we only have so much time (bare with me, this isn’t meant to be depressing). The time limit, if you will, reminds us that we should try to maximise our days as best we can. We should do the things we enjoy, do the things that give us purpose. For many that means, making something. It’s one of the main reasons I started to write daily. In spite of being bored, tired, frustrated or unmotivated there is still something to show for each and every day. A 300-word post based around a subject that piqued my interest means a lot to me, even if the content itself goes nowhere else. I can go back and see that on this day I did something, I made something, I have something to show for today.

The question is, what can I do tomorrow?