I never travel as much as I would like to. The process of organising the trip is enjoyable and I love visiting somewhere new. With an incredible number of tools at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to research a place, flights and accommodation before touching down.

One of my favourite places to procrastinate is on Skyscanner (the app or the site, I’m not fussed).

This gave me the idea to write a short list of places I would like to visit in the next few years.

Los Angeles, USA

Music, the Lakers, streetwear stores in Fairfax, Venice Beach and the weather. So many things that I gravitate towards.

Barcelona, Spain

A few years ago I spent a weekend here and have wanted to go back ever since. Possibly my favourite city I’ve visited.

Florence, Italy

Da Vinci, Machiavelli and the Medicis fascinate me. Looks like an incredibly picturesque city.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon just looks like it will be good fun. I’ve heard great things about it too.

Naples, Italy

The home of pizza.

Sicily, Italy

The combinations of beaches, food and amazing history draw me to Sicily. Syracuse specifically.

Bali, Indonesia

I just want to spend a month here to kick back and run on the beaches.

Cape Verde

By now you’ll notice the pattern, cities with loads to see and do or islands with amazing scenery and beaches. This falls under the latter.

New Orleans, USA

The music and Bourbon Street are enough of a draw.

Rome, Italy

Home of Ceaser, the Borgias and Marcus Aurelias, there is just so much history here.

Colombia (as a whole)

Bogota, Medellin and Cartegena all look amazing.


Now that I’ve started, I have realised there are too many to list. There are so many incredible cities and countries to visit, my hope is that I’ll get to see many more of them. I also realise how lucky I am to have visited some pretty cool places to date and that I have the chance to travel more. Going forward, travelling will likely be a bigger part of my life and the flexibility to work from anywhere will be crucial. It’s time to put into practice a lot of what I’ve read from the likes of Tim Ferriss and Chris Guillebeau.

Something can only really be a big part of your life if you make it a priority.