To start us off, here is a quote:

The world is all gates, all opportunities, strings of tension waiting to be struck

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The world is waiting for each of us to act, to do whatever it is we hope to do. Except that really, it isn’t. The world does not wait for us to act. It moves and everyone and everything on it is in motion. Other people are living how they want to live, living with purpose.

Waiting for a moment and citing having patience as your reason doesn’t give you an excuse not to act. By all means pick a moment, but know that the moment will likely not be what you planned for it to be. It’s better to try and fail several times than wait a year and fail once. By waiting, you are at a disadvantage to those who act.

Whatever the dream or the purpose is, the career you want to have or the life you want to live is like, you have to act to live it. Laying in waiting isn’t living, nothing will happen, the world will keep moving as no one is so special that it should wait for them.

The world is more accessible now that it ever has been. The gates are there to be opened and walked through, the opportunities are ready to be taken, the strings are waiting to be struck. Action is the answer.

Action is the answer.