Strategies are short term, the tools we use to get things done. Strategies are usually there to achieve goals. They can be adapted or scrapped completely in search of a target.

Goals are longer term, they are things we strive towards. Whether you have 1-month goals, 1-year goals or 10-year goals, they are how we generally plan our lives. They can change but are a more rigid than strategies.

Values don’t have a timespan. Values, like goals and strategies, can change but it takes a monumental shift. Values are how we see the world, how we interact with it and how we live our lives. Strategies and goals should be used in service of values and should never be given precedence over them. Values take longer to figure out and are built over a lifetime. If people made more decisions based on their values rather than short-term gain, they would experience greater satisfaction.

Goal-setting should be put on hold until we have a stronger idea of what our values are.