We have so many choices now that we are beyond spoiled. Making a decision is insanely difficult if you let it be. Something as simple as what you want to eat for dinner has too many options to count. Just think of everything you can go and pick up from the supermarket, or all the restaurants within half an hour of your home or the plethora of takeaways that will deliver to your door. If you live in a city, the choices are numerous.

It’s easy to get caught up making hundreds of these little decisions every day and a lot of people do. Even if you master these necessary decisions, automate them, take them out of the equation the options are still daunting.

What am I going to do today? I can sit and do nothing, watch one of thousands of shows or movies from my sofa. I can go outside and see what the city has to offer, maybe catch up with someone or go for a run. I can access millions of books, videos, articles, and songs all from a phone. But the big decisions lie in what we want to do with our lives.

What do we want to do for work, what should we study and learn, what do we want to create, how do we want our friendships to be, how do we want to build relationships with our families.  Getting clear on what we want can take time. With so many options available it seems almost impossible. Putting in the effort and taking that time to figure it out is worth the work though. Knowing what you want can save so much stress and anguish. If you know what the big picture looks like the smaller details are easy, they fall into line with the grander vision. Every decision you make can be pitted against this vision or purpose to create a life that you want to live.

There are so many options but we should be grateful for them as not everyone gets to make the choices we do.