Sometimes it helps to take a step back and think why we are doing something. Whether you are completing a mind-numbing task or getting angry at someone, the answer might be to figure out why.

Let’s say you are doing something that you get no enjoyment from, what is your reason for doing it? Do you have to do it? Maybe there is an alternative. It’s easy to keep your head down and battle through without ever figuring out the real reasons you are doing the thing you are doing.

The same can be said for any negative emotional response (anger, frustration, sadness). The real reason often isn’t what someone else has done. A combination of our ego, tiredness, hunger or dehydration can play a part. Especially ego. The feeling has it’s root in our view of the world, our feelings, what someone has done or said to us. Taking the focus away from ourselves, if only for a second, can help us see the bigger picture.

It’s all about the bigger picture.