Every night I sit down at my laptop. I read for a while, watch a couple of videos and maybe finish up a couple of bits of work. Then I open WordPress and the real challenge begins.

Every single night I write a post no matter what has gone on that day. Something I have seen may have caught my attention and this is what I will write about. Somedays I read a passage or quote from a book that gets my mind going and I write about that. Sometimes I feel I have nothing to say.

Having nothing to say is not a bad thing. I generally prefer to listen rather than talk anyway. When it comes time to write though, having nothing to say is problematic.

Previously I wrote about my process for finding topics to write about. 99% of the time this works, on the odd occasion it doesn’t here is plan B. I open WordPress as per usual and spill whatever is in my mind into a post. The ‘mantra’ (for want of a better word) that I use to get myself to write something, anything, is ‘300 words at a time’.

I don’t write 300 words every day. Sometimes it’s more, sometimes less. It all depends on the topic at hand. The goal is to write something and 300 words is a nice easy target to reach for daily. Keeping that kind of pace would mean 100,000 words per year, the equivalent to roughly two 200 page novels. That’s not a bad output for an author, nevermind a guy who works a full-time job and has a side business to build.

I’m building a habit, organizing my thoughts and all the while building up a bank of written material I can share with others.

I do this 300 words at a time.