When you work a full-time job, how the spend the rest of your time can really define who you are. Building a business, creating music or art, exercising, playing a sport and training or spending time with family and friends all compete for the very little time you have left. When you take away time for sleep and the essentials like eating, you maybe have around 50 hours per week that you can really direct towards other activities.

Spending those 50 hours productively on creating something or improving yourself in some way is a difficult but worthwhile task. We all need a little time to switch off and re-charge but the majority should be spent on whatever your priority is. If family is your priority, your time should reflect that, if building a business is your priority then that should be the same. All too often we say that something is our priority but we get caught up spending time on other things that don’t matter as much to us. Watching shows or aimlessly browsing the internet are two time vampires. Being aware of this and setting up a system to limit them proves time and again to be the most effective time management tool.

Take today for instance, I have a lot of things I want to get accomplished. Whilst eating we limited ourselves to one episode of Atlanta (great show so far) and then got down to work. This was good. I then proceeded to kill around an hour online. Not so good. I didn’t set a limit, have a clear goal or put any sort of system in place. Fortunately for me, I started to get pissed off with myself and shut down my foray into, what Tim Urban calls, ‘The Dark Playground’. I opened WordPress, started to type and finished one of my tasks for today. Now it’s time to figure out the rest of my goals for the day and get to work on them.