This is a short post on having a job or work in general.

When your goal is running your own business full time but you have taken on work, any kind of work, there are really only 3 things that matter.

  1. What will I be paid?
  2. What will I learn?
  3. How much bullshit will I have to deal with?

The three aren’t in any order and are all of about equal importance, here’s why:

You need to be paid well enough for whatever you are doing. Once your expenses are covered everything else can be funneled into your own business to help it grow.

You need to be learning. A dead-end job that is routine and isn’t sharpening your skills will ultimately harm you. Taking something because it is ‘easy’ doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be learning on the job.

You need minimal bullshit. If you spend all day dealing with politics, crappy co-workers, a bad environment, fighting fires or the like, you will wear yourself out. Energy, is like money, you need an excess to be able to put into your business. Your day job, as it is temporary, should not be consuming your life and energy.

If these three conditions aren’t met, it’s time to move on.

My current role pays better, is helping me sharpen useful skills and also has minimal bullshit in comparison to the last one.¬†At this moment in time, it’s a good fit.