67 days. 67 Consecutive days of writing and posting something.

In reality, I never thought I would get anywhere near that number. I started out with the intention of sharing ‘something’ every day, it just happened to be that writing was the habit I fell into. I would have been happy if I reached 14 days, ecstatic if I hit 30. Taking an organic break after 67 has been great.

This week I have been feeling burnt out. Every night I was struggling to stay up and write something, I wasn’t getting enough sleep and was working hard to keep the streak going. My last post went out on Thursday 22nd and since I have taken a bit of a break. Two days with nothing to show for if taking a negative view. On the positive side, I am more rested and have been able to spend time with the special somebody in my life.

The step back from having to write, from generating an idea to actually getting it out has been great too. The ideas I have read I have been able to reflect on a little longer than usual. My mind has been working on new problems outside of writing and I am actually excited to start up the daily habit again. Today I am posting three separate ideas, two to cover the missing days and one for today’s piece, something I decided I would do when I missed the first day.

So this, I suppose, is chapter 2. Or day one again. The 25th September 2016 I resume my mission to share something new every day.