Losing focus is easy to do and is part and parcel of our ‘always on’ environment. There are so many distractions, so much to see, to do, to hear, to watch. Sometimes we forget, even if only for a second, what is important to us.

I lose focus quite easily. I am always looking for new ideas, love to create something new and change course regularly. It isn’t the best way to be. There is a lot to be said for having a goal, and steadily working towards it focused and with intent. Many of the world’s most successful people have done just that. Focussing on a goal is an effective route to achievement in most areas.

On a day to day basis I may lose focus on a particular task, get sidetracked and take a while to get back on it. This isn’t really the instances I am talking about here. On a greater scale, we can also lose focus on our goal or purpose too. I believe I have done this before and have been dangerously close to doing it again. External circumstances can dictate a shift away from what we are after but only if we let them. There are a million stories of people overcoming their circumstances to succeed. Survival bias plays a part of course, we only hear about the people who overcome the odds and make it but they do highlight that it is possible. It is therefore up to us to get ourselves back on track.

I write about this as I believe I lost my focus . It was only momentarily but it still happened.

Realizing we are being distracted is the greatest skill, willpower is overrated and we are only humans after all. Anyone who says they don’t get distracted is probably not aware when they are. We need to realise when we are straying and correct course. Let’s not beat ourselves up when do lose focus too, we gain nothing from it.

I lost focus but get another shot at my goal again right now.