It is one of the biggest pleasures in life to celebrate someone else, their milestones, their achievements and show them what they mean to you. It is something I personally¬†haven’t been great at but believe I am addressing.

This year I have decided to do something big to celebrate a birthday. I am attempting to create a perfect day. The present is set, the plans are in place and I have enjoyed every second of planning it. In fact, I am already thinking ahead to when I can do this again.

Creating a special moment is truly one of the most amazing things we can do as people. Life is made up of thousands of moments and if we can influence one and make it great for somebody else, that is surely the best gift we can give. We don’t have to pull out all the stops, make some grandiose gesture or blow someone’s mind. Taking the time to reach out, let someone know what they mean to us, the company, the common goal is an amazing thing. We can think in terms of how we would like to be recognised and celebrated. Engage your ego for this planning exercise as it can be useful, what would make you feel special? Use that and what you know about the other person to show them what they mean to you.

We can create a moment that means so much to someone else, one they hopefully will remember at a time when they need it. If we can continue to do this regularly with the people in our life we can raise the overall positivity surrounding us. For purely selfish reasons, it feels great seeing someone close or someone you know light up in the moment you have shared with them.

Life is made up of moments and we have the power to create fun, happy, positive ones in the life of ourselves and others. Even setting aside 5 minutes in a day can make all the difference. I know going forward I want to try and create as many moments as I can for others to enjoy.

We can pull out all the stops and create a thousand great moments.