Planning is useful, research is necessary, pre-launch work has to be done. A lot of the time though these things can get in the way of actually starting something.

I am 100% guilty of this myself. Filled notebooks, Evernote, Google Sheets and Docs with ideas, budgets, marketing strategies etc. Yet no product, no service, no tangible thing to show for it all.

Some ideas stay as just that, ideas. You quickly figure they aren’t for you and then you move on. This is the ideal outcome as you probably need to get a few of these out of the way. Every once in a while though there is one idea you want to take forward.

Now isn’t time to plan and strategise excessively, now is time to launch. Get it out there. Tech companies push an MVP (minimum viable product) and there is no reason why any other business should be different. We all love the idea of coming out of the gates with a polished offering, but chasing perfection will often delay the launch indefinitely.

I have written on here about a project I want to start. I have done some research, got some notes and have my idea, but for some reason, I have paused. No further steps have been taken, no launch, nothing. I want to change this.

I want to start something.