Every day can be viewed as a challenge. A chance to go one step further. An opportunity to face adversity and grow.

If you are an athlete, compete with someone better than you. If you’re an entrepreneur, sit down with someone with more experienced than yourself. Learn from these encounters and take what you can from the person you are face to face with.

We all intuitively know how to get better at just about anything. Practice.

There are other pieces to the puzzle such as having mentors and the right conditions to work in but time and effort spent on your craft will pay dividends.

Even something that isn’t our main focus can give us an opportunity to grow. Maybe you have a hobby that has nothing to do with your career. Learning and growing in this field will ultimately help you become a more fulfilled and well-rounded individual.

You might be an accomplished business owner with an interest in cooking and ultramarathons. There you have three pursuits in which you can level up. Taking time to improve as a cook and endurance runner can help you achieve more as an entrepreneur in a very roundabout way. Although we would believe that any time spent on something else is time taken away from our career or main objective, the opposite may be true. Cooking might help clear your mind and allow your subconscious to work on problems whilst your conscious thought is on another task. Running ultramarathons and improving your cardiovascular health has numerous benefits to your life as a whole and can improve work performance. So you may be spending less time on your main focus but that time can be more productive thanks to your other hobbies and interests.

I have no issues with anyone who decides to dedicate their whole life to a single pursuit. It just isn’t for me. The majority of, if not all of my influences, didn’t choose this path so I was steered in a different direction.

We have to be aware of how we operate best and what areas in our life we can level up in. Every aspect of ourselves can be improved in some way, we just have to be willing to take on the challenge.