After 78 posts and over 25,000 words written I have realised that I want to take the blog and site in a different direction. The original idea was to create and share something daily and I left that fairly open on purpose as I didn’t plan to write every day. The days when I didn’t write were to be filled with music, design work or other projects I am working on but so far the writing has taken centre stage.

By following other blogs, writers, podcasts, vloggers etc. I have been influenced massively and realise that this space is not reaching its potential in any sort of way. The topics are very scattered, too self-helpy and are generally me rambling on about what is on my mind. I am happy that I have committed to sharing something and have so far upheld that commitment but now it is time for a change. I still plan to share something daily but will be writing less frequently. The details aren’t 100% clear yet but there will be at least one post per week, more likely two. These pieces, I envision, will be better researched and on topics that people like myself should find interesting. This will serve two purposes. Purpose one, readers will get more from the site in terms of information and entertainment and purpose two, I believe I will enjoy the process of researching and writing topics I find interesting.

I’ll be taking cues from blogs like Wait But Why and The Art of Non-Conformity. Influences will come from people such as Tim Ferriss to Casey Neistat and from Bill Simmons to Malcolm Gladwell. Topics will cover music, fashion, business, sport and anything else that piques my interest. My biggest hope is that I can share more work that is also of a higher standard. At the moment I average around 300 words per day of unstructured content, longer better-researched posts should mean the same amount of content overall, just less frequently.

More details will come soon but I aim to make this a turning point for the site.