I am making two bold moves in regards to my work. It is equally exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. What if it doesn’t work?

Move A involves a bit of a financial gamble, a time commitment and working massively outside of my comfort zone.

Move B involves a time commitment and some more operating out of my comfort zone.

Both could fall completely flat.

Move A is a relatively new idea that has picked up steam incredibly quickly, Move B has been on the backburner since April. I have researched and thought about both at length and decided to pull the trigger.

Why now?

One is fairly time sensitive, the other not so much, but there is no time like the present is there?

I know if I don’t act I’ll regret it and if I do the experiences alone will be worth it.

Last weekend I was in a helicopter above Edinburgh looking at the city below. I have lived here practically my whole life but never witnessed home from that angle. Everything, even the castle that dominates the city centre, looked tiny from above. It was awe-inspiring and also put things into perspective.

I am taking a leap of faith. Faith in myself, the ideas, the research and my support network. Whatever happens, inaction would be the worst choice to make.

Nothing has ever been achieved without a leap of faith.