In sports, the word pressure is used liberally. We all know people in high-pressure jobs or situations. The question is what is pressure anyway? In this context, it is used to describe harassment or oppression as would define it. We talk a lot about external pressure, pressure from family,

Levelling Up

Every day can be viewed as a challenge. A chance to go one step further. An opportunity to face adversity and grow. If you are an athlete, compete with someone better than you. If you’re an entrepreneur, sit down with someone with more experienced than yourself. Learn from these encounters

Going Against the Grain

Following everyone else’s lead is safe, takes little effort and rarely leads to anything extraordinary. Nine times out of ten, we follow the crowd. It isn’t our fault that things are this way, we are just hardwired to take the path of least resistance. If more people took a different

Start Something

Planning is useful, research is necessary, pre-launch work has to be done. A lot of the time though these things can get in the way of actually starting something. I am 100% guilty of this myself. Filled notebooks, Evernote, Google Sheets and Docs with ideas, budgets, marketing strategies etc. Yet

Escapism and ‘Flow’

There is something incredibly fun and exciting about planning a trip away. I can lose hours to Skyscanner, hotel booking sites and Tripadvisor. The time spent planning flies by. My complete loss of a sense of time I attribute to two things. Escapism and ‘flow’. I love travelling, I love

Losing Focus

Losing focus is easy to do and is part and parcel of our ‘always on’ environment. There are so many distractions, so much to see, to do, to hear, to watch. Sometimes we forget, even if only for a second, what is important to us. I lose focus quite easily.