History and Legacy

Hearing stories about how your family lived and seeing the pictures is something amazing. A window into the past. I always wonder about what my ancestors did and who they were. It also kind of gets you thinking about how you’ll be remembered and what you leave behind. Thanks to

Setting Standards for Yourself

A lot has been written about the high expectations we have of everything including ourselves. ‘The Paradox of Choice’ studied the correlation between an abundance of choice and freedom and people’s growing dissatisfaction with life. Unhappiness is often said to be expectations minus reality, the greater the difference, the greater the

The Grind

The grind, the hustle, the work sometimes it seems like it will never end. As with everything it has its ups and downs. One day you are flying high getting a lot accomplished, other days you are sluggish, procrastinating or having to power through the dull stuff. It’s worth keeping