Author: Fraser Grant

For the last 7 years I have started and marketed businesses, created music with great people and managed teams in a variety of industries. I mainly write about people, places and things that fascinate me and focus every day on getting better at what I do.

Sprezzatura or Studied Carelessness

Posted by September 20, 2016

Originally taken from Baldassare Castiglione’s ‘The Book of the Courtier’, Sprezzatura is an Italian word defined as studied carelessness. It is something we have all been witness to in our lives, a performer creating a spectacle with what looks like little effort, masking the hours, months and years spent tirelessly and frantically preparing. It is the accomplished pianist soloing with abandon, the footballer pulling off a…

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Past, Present, Future

Posted by September 19, 2016

There has been a lot written about living in the moment and the idea of being present. It’s something that a lot of people really struggle with, or rarely even take the time to consider. It sounds a bit nebulous, idealistic and new age so it is hard to discuss. The inability to enjoy the moment you are in, however, is something quite troubling. Being…

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Choosing How to Spend Time

Posted by September 18, 2016

When you work a full-time job, how the spend the rest of your time can really define who you are. Building a business, creating music or art, exercising, playing a sport and training or spending time with family and friends all compete for the very little time you have left. When you take away time for sleep and the essentials like eating, you maybe have…

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History and Legacy

Posted by September 18, 2016

Hearing stories about how your family lived and seeing the pictures is something amazing. A window into the past. I always wonder about what my ancestors did and who they were. It also kind of gets you thinking about how you’ll be remembered and what you leave behind. Thanks to the internet we all leave a footprint. But something significant? That takes work. I don’t…

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Don’t Believe the Hype

Posted by September 17, 2016

After one or two victories under your belt, it’s hard not to get caught up in the hoopla inside your head. A few awards, a winning streak, X percentage of growth all mean precisely the same thing, nothing. To say they mean nothing is a bit extreme, recognition every now and then for a job well done, for commitment and real achievement is necessary, it…

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Setting Standards for Yourself

Posted by September 16, 2016

A lot has been written about the high expectations we have of everything including ourselves. ‘The Paradox of Choice’ studied the correlation between an abundance of choice and freedom and people’s growing dissatisfaction with life. Unhappiness is often said to be expectations minus reality, the greater the difference, the greater the person’s level of dissatisfaction. Adjusting your expectations is prescribed as a method of improving one’s…

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300 Words at a Time

Posted by September 14, 2016

Every night I sit down at my laptop. I read for a while, watch a couple of videos and maybe finish up a couple of bits of work. Then I open WordPress and the real challenge begins. Every single night I write a post no matter what has gone on that day. Something I have seen may have caught my attention and this is what…

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The Grind

Posted by September 13, 2016

The grind, the hustle, the work sometimes it seems like it will never end. As with everything it has its ups and downs. One day you are flying high getting a lot accomplished, other days you are sluggish, procrastinating or having to power through the dull stuff. It’s worth keeping in mind why you are doing this. Not an end point or a singular goal…

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Being a lifelong apprentice means looking for different mentors at different stages of your life. Starting out, you can learn a lot from someone who has a little experience, maybe only a couple of years, but as you continue to grow you should look to find new mentors to get you to the next level. The first rule of being a good apprentice is finding…

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On Changing

Posted by September 11, 2016

We all change to some degree, that there is no denying. The degree to which we do change, however, is something that can be incredibly interesting. To some, change is a bad thing. Something negative, something to be feared and avoided. To others, change is the only thing, growing and evolving as a person, learning and developing new skills and habits. It all comes back…

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